Appraisal Pricing

What does your appraisal cost ?

I work on a per item fee structure.

First Item………………….. $100.00

Second Item………………..$90.00

Third Item………………….$90.00

Each additional item…..$80.00


A non-refundable $50 Deposit is required. It is applied against the total appraisal fee.

Some clients or their insurance company ask for a plot diagram of the identifying characteristics inside the main diamond.

The fee is $50.00 for a plot diagram.  It is an addendum to the appraisal.

If you have a large assignment (20 items or more) I will review your items and tell you how long the assignment will take and how much the total assignment fee will be. That way there is no guess work. That will be put in writing and signed by both of us before the assignment begins.

(WARNING: You should NEVER agree to an appraisal fee based on the item’s resulting value, a percentage of resulting value, or a high stated quote just because the item is expensive. If you receive a quote like this…..get out of there fast….and find someone with an hourly rate or a per item rate so that you know what your financial investment is up front.)

What do I actually get with my appraisal ?

…..Your appraisal is a comprehensive document. You get two full copies of the appraisal.

The appraisal lists all items being appraised……with each item on a separate page, assigning a value to each piece individually.

With each item there is a detailed description of manufacturing method, trademarks, hallmarks, metal type, karatage, weight, and color.

Each diamond and gemstone is part of the appraisal and includes the shape, measurements and weight, color, clarity, cut, and setting method.

All items are photographed digitally and printed on the appraisal. All appraisals are signed.  You will leave the appointment with your jewelry and your printed appraisal.

For your convenience we have 9 (nine) satellite offices.