Gorham – Norfolk


McLane Family Sterling Silver Flatware Service

This is a service for 12 flatware collection manufactured in sterling silver. Each setting has 6 pieces.

The collection was manufactured by Gorham Silver. The pattern name is Norfolk and is sometimes referred to as Villa Norfolk. Its simplistic styling appears to have been taken from Gorham’s more elaborate Chantilly Pattern. Norfolk is a monogram pattern with a very light letter which can be polished off easily if desired.

On the back of each piece are the maker’s marks and hallmarks.

The Lion indicates it is Sterling Silver.
The Anchor indicates Birmingham Assay, England.
The letter G is for Gorham.


The NORFOLK Pattern was first manufactured in 1904 and continued until 1991.

This NORFOLK collection is made up of the following items:

12 Hollow handle knives
12 Soup spoons
12 Dinner forks
12 Salad forks
12 Chocolate or Ice tea spoons
12 Tea spoons
1 Sugar bowl spoon
1 Butter knife

The collection is stored in a case from Rogers Silver. Below is a photo of the fork.


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