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Caring For Your Fine jewelry

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Fine jewelry is kept that way by caring for it.

Gold, platinum, and diamonds are very hard.  So are many gems.  However, they are not indestructible.  Did you know that diamonds can be scratched by other diamonds.

Because of that, I recommend keeping all jewelry separated in your jewelry case.  If it is overloaded, try soft pouches.  They add a lot of protection and are great for traveling.

Avoid subjecting your fine jewelry, diamonds and color gems to harsh chemicals, salt water, and especially chlorine.  And don’t forget………remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing, and cleaning.  Chemicals and detergents can not only break down the metal, it can damage your color gems.

Taking care of jewelry also applies to men.  Men will wear jewelry cutting the lawn, gardening, digging, working on the car, and playing sports.  Not only can that be a hazard to the jewelry, but what happens if a ring or neckchain gets caught on something.  Enough said.

It’s a good idea to have your local jeweler check your fine jewelry every once in a while.  They will check for cracks, loose gems, and weak settings.  They might detect a problem long before you actually see it.

Until next time remember…..all that glitters is not gold,

Tom Ryan


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