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Choosing A Jewelry Appraiser

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Choosing a jewelry appraiser is not complicated……But caution is required.

Why ? Well the fact of the matter is………..ANYONE can hold themselves out to the public as a personal property jewelry appraiser. Only real estate appraisers are licensed, and that leaves it up to you to qualify the appraiser you retain.

Let’s start up front where you bought the jewelry.


Jewelers are the fine people who sell jewelry, gems, and watches to the public. For the most part though, jewelers are not trained gemologists or trained appraisers.

NOTE: The JVC (Jeweler’s Vigilance Committee) has reported in National Jewelry trade magazines that there are more than 20,000 jewelers routinely performing appraisals every day. Of these 20,000 JVC believes that only about 750 to 1,000 are trained as jewelry appraisers by a professional appraisal organization now offering in-depth education in the preparation of jewelry, diamond, and gem appraisals.

A jeweler can be a gemologist, but it is not necessary to be a gemologist to be a jeweler. Just because someone has been in the business for 19 or 20 years, doesn’t make them a qualified gemologist or qualified appraiser.


Gemologists study gemstone identification and grading. A good gemologist is not necessarily a good appraiser. But…….a good appraiser must be a good gemologist. A good gemologist is one who is constantly involved in the study of gemstones long after he/she has received their gemologist diploma. Good gemologists continue their studies throughout their entire career.

A qualified gemologist will have graduated from one of the below gemological institutes or organizations:

Gemological Institute of America

Gemological Association of Great Britain

American Gem Society

Paris Junior College


Appraisers study the practical theory of appraisals, market valuation, as well as studying jewelry past and present.

Professional appraisers always write their appraisals to USPAP standards. That’s the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

A professional appraiser will provide you with a written opinion of value, on which you and others involved can base your decisions.

And Remember………………………….


A qualified appraiser will have been educated by one the below professional organizations.

ISA International Society of Appraisers

ASA American Society of Appraisers

NAJA National Association of Jewelry Appraisers

AGS American Gem Society

An independent gemologist/appraiser should be your first choice to have your jewelry appraised.

Why…well there are three reasons:

1) Because an independent gemologist/appraiser usually has no interest in your jewelry.

2) It is a conflict of interest if the person you bought the jewelry from also provides you with the appraisal for that jewelry.

3) An independent gemologist/appraiser is skilled in both gemology and appraising.

Until next time remember…..all that glitters is not gold,

Tom Ryan


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