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Cleaning Your Fine Jewelry

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Cleaning your fine jewelry keeps it that way.

The residue from dirt, soap, and hand creams will build up on your fine jewelry and gemstones, requiring periodic cleaning.  The good news is………you can clean your fine jewelry right in your own home.  And it doesn’t take long.

All you need is a bowl of warm soapy water.  Be sure to use one of those non-detergent liquid soaps.  Let your jewelry soak in the solution for five to ten minutes.

Then, use a soft toothbrush for cleaning.  Be sure to loosen any dirt under the settings and around the prongs.  Lastly, rinse your jewelry in a clean bowl of warm water.

CAUTION: Do not clean or rinse your jewelry in the sink.  You might just see a ring or loose gem go right down the drain, never to return.  If that doesn’t convince you, then at least plug up the drain or make sure there’s a bowl beneath the jewelry while you clean it.

You know, somewhere I heard that dipping diamond jewelry in vodka before soaking helped to reduce grease build-up.  Personally, I’ve never tried it and think it’s a waste of good vodka.

Pearls require special care because they are so delicate.  Make sure you put your perfume on first ladies.  Then put on your pearl jewelry.  Nothing will dull the luster of pearls like alcohol.  Clean your pearls with a soft polishing cloth.  If you wear your pearls often, its wise to have them restrung every year or two.

Sterling silver jewelry will tarnish even with good care.  However, it will clean up easily with just a jewelry polishing cloth.  Also, try storing it in a cool, dry place.

Until next time remember…..all that glitters is not gold,

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